Cat Booking

Guntons Rd, Newborough

Pet cat Cat boarding

In 2003 Anne and Sean left London to fulfil their dream of running their own cattery and it would seem Newborough was the right place.  


Offering a very warm welcome to all who arrive, Anne and Sean are both full-time and very hands on.  They are involved in both cleaning and feeding and entertaining their guests.  Whilst your cat is at the Cats Inn it becomes a member of the family and treated and loved by them accordingly.  


Please don't be offended if your cat doesn't want to leave when you return, as this is often common!

A little bit about us

While the owner's away, the cat will play!

We're just crazy about cats! Call on:

Our team of trusted assistants help us during the busier seasons.  All love cats and are trained to Anne and Sean's high standards.

Hilary ( often found with a mouse)

Eddie (often found sleeping)

BB (often in need of fuss)

Pebbles (often hiding)

Jackson ( our latest arrival)

There are other family members that like to get involved as well: