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Guntons Rd, Newborough


Are you going away?

Make sure your cat is well looked after by boarding with The Cats Inn.


The Cats Inn is a family owned and operated business based in the beautiful rural setting of Newborough, Peterborough.  Established in 1995, it is run by cat lovers for cat lovers.


Providing kind and secure accommodation for your cat, The Cats Inn is the perfect holiday retreat for your pet.  In the lead up to your holiday, or business trip or even a hospital stay, we appreciate that you'll have a lot of things on your mind so we'll ensure your cat is not one of them.

Why Choose the Cats Inn?

  • Spacious heated luxury accommodation - we have a range of different sized pens so families can stay together.  Our quiet location offering a relaxing and calm environment for your cats stay.

  • Everything is provided - beds, bedding including cat sized duvets, litter trays, bowls - we are quite happy for you to bring anything from home that you may feel your cat would like with them.

  • Food - we provide the food; all the mainline brands of wet and dry food are carried. In order to make your cat feel at home we always do our best to stick to their usual routine.  If your cat is on a special diet bring it along and we'll make sure they have it.  We also offer treat nights of tuna or chicken.

  • Approved by the local vets - if your cat has a medical condition we are able to administer medication, including diabetic injections.

  • No dogs boarded - we love all animals but we understand that cats have specific holiday needs and sharing with dogs isn't one of them.  We are a hotel for cats.

  • Collection and Delivery Service - if transportation is an issue we can collect your cat (fees charged according to distance)

  • Vaccinated and neutered pets only - for the health of all we would require your cat be annually boosted for cat flu and feline enteritis.  Also that they are up to date with their flea and worm treatment - we are happy to apply these if you request.

  • Fully licensed by Peterborough City Council


With all the hugs and cuddles they'll ever need, your cat will enjoy a lovely little holiday, and most importantly you'll have peace of mind to enjoy yours!

While the owner's away, the cat will play!

Opening Hours


Monday - Saturday: 9-11am & 3-5pm

Wednesday : 9-11am

Sundays & Bank Holidays : Closed