Cat Booking

Guntons Rd, Newborough

Cat boarding

Overlooking our courtyard garden, all our pens are fitted to the highest standards.  We have four 'hotels' : The Ritz, Savoy, Hilton and Dorchester.


Well maintained and clean they offer a covered run with an internal upper bedroom with proper access steps - no ramps to struggle up or down. There is a safety corridor on each block so all residents are secure.  It also enables us to offer the more active and inquisitive guest the opportunity to have supervised extra exercise.


The blocks are enclosed in the winter and individually heated.  During the summer the outer panels are removed to allow cool air flow.  There is a unique double-roof system which ensures more insulation and therefore no condensation in the winter and provides extra protection against direct sun in the summer.


We have a variety of pens available : single, bungalow style, doubles, inter-connecting, double-doubles, family size and deluxe size.  Offering flexibility, we hope to accommodate all your needs.

Daily Rate - inclusive of day of arrival & departure

Small animals in addition to cats being boarded

The Cattery

Price List - Effective February 2020


While the owner's away, the cat will play!

We're just crazy about cats! Call on:

Single pen (1 cat)                                                         £9.00

Double pen (2 cats)                                                      £16.00

Inter-connecting pen (2 cats)                                       £18.00

Family pen (3 cats)                                                       £19.50

Family pen (4 cats)                                                       £22.00

Family pen (5 cats)                                                       £25.00

Family deluxe pen (5+ cats)                                         £28.00

Double/Double pen (5+cats)                                        £30.00

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Single decker hutch                                                     £4.00

Double decker hutch                                                    £6.00


Our prices include food, treats, bedding, bowls, choice of litter, heating. Prices include day of arrival and departure.